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MetroPCS won't unlock your devices after 90 days of payments???
  1. MetroPCS will sell you an iPhone 6S for $49
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To make sure your local Metro PCS store works on a holiday, just visit their official website and use store locator to find out working hours. We highly recommend to give it a try with a store locator offered by their official homepage. Metro PCS is a nice good local place for those who want to have a high-tech shopping, there you can find everything you need: comfortable opens hours, nice store locations and a great variety of devices and service.

In case you want to visit metro PCS on a holiday day, I recommend checking labor hours on the web site. AS for my personal experience, they close their stores on New Year, so be prepared to deal with this.

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It is a real possibility to get off more for reasonable money. If you are looking for a new little cell phone, start your research around here. Here you can get any best mobile plan and the best price policy in the state. Thanks to nice new schedule, the Metro PCS office opens weekly, so you can going out and visit on Saturdays or whenever you want.

MetroPCS will sell you an iPhone 6S for $49

In case you need their opens closed main hours, you can visit their website. A lot of Metro PCS stores have different schedules, so it is not a bad idea to check the info no matter you want to visit the headquarters or another store in city center. I want to visit Metro PCS on the nearest weekend, I wonder if they work tomorrow and how can I get necessary operating hour info tonight. I have used a map on my phone and made a route to drive from home to the nearest Metro PCS store, but it was closed.

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My 3 year old Droid was a far better phone which is amazing to me. Even minimizing apps comes with a delay. When texting, this phone can't even keep up with my keystrokes and I am not a world class typist. I called Metro and asked if I could pay the difference between a better phone and this one and they said no. They wanted me to contact Alcatel which I will not do. I believe Metro needs to stand behind the phones they sell not tell you to contact the manufacturer. What a bummer of an experience, I should have never left Verizon.

I have no coverage at home and wifi only everywhere else. I have contacted the company and they refused to free my phone to let me port my number stating that it takes three months. I am at the 40 day mark. I have not renewed the service and will try again to free it or just not use it as a phone until the time elapses. DO Not Use this company! We were shown phones available as an upgrade. We said we would take it. The man went to ring up the phone and went to the back. They said they would look into it.

Did go to another Metro PCS in the area that did have the cheaper phone.

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Seems the dealer at the first store could have called them and had checked for us while we were there but I guess customer service is not a priority at Metro PCS. A month and a half later my phone shuts down. I found out it was on the blacklist! I do not have my phone, and I am still paying!

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The staff does not answer the phone. I went to the store and they were rude and unsympathetic. I had to go to a corporate store to find out what was wrong with the phone. The store on Broad St where I purchased the phone acted like they didn't know what happened until I told them I requested an investigation. The manager that sold me the phone was fired and I had to argue to get a temporary phone.

I still have not heard from anyone regarding a new phone that I am paying for. This store is horrible! I purchased 2 iPhones on Dec 3 Internally phone was defective. I took it to the store and they lied. Said it was SIM card and it would cost 10 bucks They tried to troubleshoot it over the phone and turned out it was defective.

So I was supposed to get a brand new phone. I got a refurbished one. Told me it was discretion of the dealer. To go back to store or call Apple. I would not recommend Metro PCS.

Cell Phone Deals - Incentives, Rebates and Offers - Metro® by T-Mobile

The merge with T-Mobile was a very bad idea for the customer. My service has been terrible since the merge. Including speaking to customer service. They have no clue how to answer questions or help at all. They are rude, mean and have bad attitudes. My data doesn't work, have to find a Wi-Fi. My calls get dropped, I can't hear anyone. A lot of bad service since the merge.

I've been a long time customer and plan on taking my business elsewhere. Thank you for destroying my life by me losing business calls, so the companies can have more money in their pockets.